The Products at N.A.L.

N.A.L. Company, Inc.’s goal is to provide customers with quality, cost effective products with quick turn around, creative packaging solutions, and first-class customer service. Our products are carefully crafted and rigorously inspected to ensure you receive the most reliable product in the marketplace. Here are just a few of our creatively designed products, add-ons, and services

The History Behind this Pioneering Packaging Company

We’ve been around for a few years. N.A.L. Company, Inc. was established in 1972. We began our business by producing products such as brick strapping which evolved into corner protectors, flat sheeting, lamination services and other paperboard packaging products. These products can be found in today’s marketplaces such as construction, apparel, automotive, food and beverage, and big box retailers. Our company has been located in Mt. Orab, Ohio since its inception. N.A.L. Company has remained a loyal member of the local community and environment for more than 45 years. As we’ve grown, N.A.L. Company has expanded its corner board and industrial packaging lines by adding another manufacturing facility with laminating capabilities, lining services, rewinders, ream cutting and an additional corner board machine.

We’ve come a long way since 1972 in terms of product line, customer relationships, and company size. Today, we have our sights set to the future, with goals to continuously develop and improve our product lines, provide plenty of growth opportunities for our employees, and grow the superior customer service experience you have come to expect from N.A.L. Company, Inc.


Founder Norman A Leibreich

Meet our Experienced Team at N.A.L.

We are Generational. Our process has been passed down through the years.
First Generation


  • Thomas Leibreich, CTO
  • Patrick Leibreich, COO
  • Michael Leibreich, CEO/President
  • Timothy Leibreich, CFO
Second Generation


  • Matthew Leibreich, Manufacturing Engineer
  • Andrew Leibreich, Vice President/General Manager
  • Jonathan Honnert, Production Director

Case Study: CPPS™


We noticed a pattern in customers requesting a product that would allow their packaging personnel to not have to constantly hold a corner board in place while they were packing the products together. Months of research and development were spent on adhesive backed corner boards, auto feed tape machines, and visiting different plants to help design a product for their application. The end result? A product that produces very little scrap, occupies very little time, and is cost effective without producing safety issues or ergonomic hazards.

Corner board perforation placement system, or CPPS™, patented and trademarked is made of laminated sheets of paperboard, formed into a 90˚ angle with perforated, partially delaminated paperboard located inside the corner board. The product allows tearing motions to create a tag that will protrude perpendicularly to the corner board, then sandwich between two products to hold the corner board while the full product is packed for shipment. By applying CPPS™ to packing products, users can save time, resources, and improve safety functions. With the development of this product, we managed to create a product exceedingly useful for manufacturing and packaging industries that had not been developed before.